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"Steven Universe: The Movie" Fanfic. Steven Quartz Universe-The Son of Pink Action Adventure 5 weeks ago. Steven Universe, who is now 16 years old, has finally settled down with the Crystal Gems on Earth. At first, everything seemed calm until a new gem shows up with something called the Injector. Steven Universe stories taking place in the High School Alternate Universe. Don't late the date it was made fool you this is new I just had to use a different community. This is in the same universe as Steven Universe. Check the disclaimer for all the credit. Jasmine Universe is Steven Universe's younger adopted sister. She came from homeworld and is White Diamond's creation. Join her as she battles more evil, in Echo Town! Steven Universe, who is now 16 years old, has finally settled down with the Crystal Gems on Earth. At first, everything seemed calm until a new gem shows up with something called the Injector. Spinel wants revenge on them because of Pink and Steven needs to stop her. But what can he do when the Crys.

Some Steven Universe reader inserts for the heart and soul 👻 😘. I don't own SU, or its original characters/storylines. I mean you already know that, but it's practically the law to say that in every fanfic I write. ~ acxsakari 🖤🐺. Read Chapter 1 from the story Broken Gem [Steven Universe FanFiction] [On Hold] by SnowSama_ with 1,802 reads. homeworld, pearl, thewar. Stevens POV Pearl and. The day the boy- Steven Universe - came, and changed her life was the day she finally opened up her eyes and started realizing that everything wasnt as it truly seemed. That Yellow and White were keeping secrets from her, and the Steven boy was the only one who seemingly had the awnsers. Steven Universe Fanfiction: Protectors of Earth Fanfiction i changed the description and title because it didn't follow the story well i do not own Steven Universe Steven is a not so average person. He is part gem and part human if you didn't know.

Minha bobo da Corte - Steven x Spinel escrita por MellyStar Em andamento Capítulos 19 Palavras 12.093 Atualizada há 10 horas atrás Idioma Português Categorias Steven Universe Gêneros Famí­lia, Ficção, Ficção Adolescente, Hentai, Luta, Mistério, Romance. Read Capitolo 1 from the story Steven universe new life by blixxing with 241 reads. fanfiction, stevenuniverese, peridot. Jasper pov Ero molto scocciata perché. WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS OF THE STEVEN UNIVERSE MOVIE. You were enjoying a perfect day at Beach City with Steven and the Gems. Until, a certain gem crash their day with the injector that can can destroy all organic life.

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